Project Computer Donation: 

Building Computers, Building Opportunities.   


In today's technologically advanced world, a digital divide continues to persist, creating a disparity between affluent and disadvantaged communities. In 2021, a study by Pew Research revealed that 41% of families earning less than $30,000 annually lack access to efficient computers. This issue is equally prevalent in Brazos County.

Welcome to ProjectCD, a mission-driven initiative focused on bridging this gap. Our goal is simple: to provide reliable computers to individuals and organizations in need within the Brazos County area. By constructing and distributing computers, we aim to empower communities and ensure equal access to digital resources.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to promoting computer literacy. We offer valuable tips, tricks, and services to help you maintain and optimize your computers. Together, we can enhance computer literacy and foster a more inclusive digital landscape.

Join us at ProjectCD and be part of the movement towards a more equitable and technologically empowered society.

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